• Standard 11 Mining Induction

    Want a mine job?

    We can help you take the first steps.

    If you want a job in the mines, you need to have the basic mining training, plus you need straight talking advice on how to land a job. We provide both in our Standard 11 (with Job Coaching) Course.

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  • Mining Career Wizard

    Where to start?

    Know suggested pathways for you.

    If you want to learn what might be some good career options for you in the mining industry based on your skills and experience, our Mining Career Wizard can help.

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Mining Courses

You see it every day. People piling into Universities around the country to spend the next 3-5 years and get themselves $30-50k in debt to MAYBE get a job paying $45k a year.

The mining industry offers a different pathway. Spend less than a week and maybe a few thousand dollars on mining training and have a good shot at getting into a career that quickly allows you to earn well over $100k a year.

If you want to get a shot at landing a great mining job that pays well, you’ve got to get the right qualifications and skills to put yourself into the right position for that job. It’s as simple as that.

The first step if you want to go after a career in the mines is to get your Standard 11 Mining Induction. This is the basic and essential mining training that is required whatever position you go for.

We believe we provide the best mining induction training in Australia. Not just the quality of the training, but also because we offer our unique job coaching module that practically helps people make the next step from being qualified to giving the knowledge and know how to actually land a job in the mines.

Get Started in Mining

Get started towards your mining career!Want to know what might be some good career options for you in the mining industry based on your skills and experience? Our Mining Career Wizard can help.

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How To Get A Mining Job

How to Get a Mining JobGetting a mining job can be tricky business. Our free guide gives you some important advice from someone who has been through the process.

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Mining Induction Course

Standard 11 Mining Induction CourseThe Standard 11 Mining Induction course is the cornerstone to every mining job. This training can significantly help you get started towards a lucrative mining career.

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Mining Jobs in Australia

Mining Jobs in AustraliaIf you are seeking a job in the mines, it is important to be aware of what mining occurs throughout each State or Territory across Australia.

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