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Why you should do a mining supervisor training course?

Mining Supervisor Training CourseTired of staring at that glass ceiling?

You can absolutely further your career in mining by taking a mine supervisor training course.

If you have ever wondered how your supervisor, team leader or WHS officer at work got to where they are, chances are they took the right training that was required to land a higher paying job with more responsibility.

The mining industry is a great place to start out in the workforce, but it is also a great place to further your career.

If you think it’s time to up-skill yourself so that you can take that next step forward in your mining career, then the mining supervisor course is for you.

Onsite supervisors, workplace health and safety managers, safety committee leaders, assistant safety officers and team leaders that you currently answer to in the workplace have all had to undergo further training to get to where they are.

This type of supervisor training can be completed by distance education in your own time (in only a few days), meaning you don’t have to take time off work.

Completing a supervisor training course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to take the next step forward in your career in the mining industry.

It is like another string to your bow, another credential to add to your resume and your secret arsenal over the other competitors when you start applying for higher level jobs.

Good training – it matters!

If you are ready to take on supervisor training you need to make sure your training covers off on all of the education and knowledge you need to fulfil the requirements of a supervisory role.

You need to find training that is put together in consultation with executives in the mining industry, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of these companies and therefore provide you with everything you need to build your skills for a supervisor role.

This type of course is best taken in a distance fashion, so that you can manage your study time around your normal working life and so that you can study at your own pace.

A trusted training provider will ensure their course has a good balance of theory and practice too – you will be sure to set yourself apart from other candidates if you have this type of training.

Specific supervisor training will be like a red flag to employers who are scanning job applications for these roles – you want to make sure you stand out as having the right type of training so that you can balance these qualifications with your keenness and attitude to land the job.

Your best supervisor training course will cover:

  • The communication skills you require as a supervisor, to ensure you can communicate with your staff both in writing and verbally. The course should cover off on how to write reports, memos, make presentations, participate in negotiations and hold meetings for staff.
  • How to conduct OHS inspections, including all involved applications and processes, plus the importance of monitoring possible safety risks, assessing and remedying identified risks, recommended treatment for future risks and implementing your recommendations within your workplace.
  • How to prepare the documents you need to ensure the smooth running of the site you are supervising.
  • Ways to investigate workplace health and safety processes at the level of operation. This will include skills to collect evidence and identify risks and the reasons they occur.

After you have completed the course you will confidently and competently be able to:

  • Inspect the worksite.
  • Manage risks on the site and develop risk management concepts and assessments that are relevant to the hierarchy on the site you are working.
  • Put together site instructions to direct staff appropriately.
  • Investigate any incidences that occur.
  • Prevent and manage any possible risks.
  • Resolve issues with the correct procedure and documentation.
  • Communicate effectively with your staff at all times.

If you are training through a distance education module, make sure there is support available to you to assist you to direct your way through your studies.

If you are seeking to obtain a supervisory role within the mines you will need to undertake this type of training to ensure you have the relevant knowledge and skills that your employers are seeking.

The Supervisor course will:

  • Equip you with the skills you need to apply for jobs as an OHS supervisor, safety officer, union representative or safety committee leader.
  • Thoroughly walk you through how to put together the documentation you need to complete as a supervisor in the workplace. This includes presentations, staff memos, reports and to prepare for meetings.
  • Ensure you have the communication skills to work as an effective communicator in the workplace, to engage with your employees and manage risks with easy and competence.
  • Allow you the skills to report risks, manage risks, prevent risks, resolve issues and investigate possible future issues on your worksite, both in the areas of safety, staff management and staff conduct.
  • Conduct worksite inspections and prepare reports to satisfy the needs of your superiors in the workplace.
  • Do all of this in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, knowing that you can rely on phone support from Industry Pathways should you have any questions or queries about the course materials.

Book now!

Get started now and get the training you need to become a supervisor.

This course will up-skill you and assist you to break into management.

  • Get qualified as a supervisor online, in your own time.
  • Work through the educational modules and spend as much time as you need to let the information sink in.
  • Build your skills to build your career in mining.
  • Complete a nationally-recognised course to broaden your appeal to mining company employers Australia-wide.