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Due to its rich natural resources, Australia is home to a number of mines and more than 180,000 Australians are employed by mining jobs. Mining is such a significant primary industry in Australia that all states and territories of the country can boast mining activity of some sort. The most active mining regions in Australia, within which the most mining roles are concentrated, include the Pilbara and Peel regions of Western Australia, the New South Wales Hunter Valley and Queensland’s Bowen and Surat Basin’s. Iron ore, copper, nickel, gold, silver, natural gas, zinc and coal are just some of the minerals that those who have mining jobs in Australia help to extract for use nationally and via a strong export market.

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Mining Jobs QLD (Queensland)


The coal mining darling of Australia and the workplace for thousands of men and women who have flocked to the Sunshine State to take up mining jobs in some of the 50 mining sites throughout the region. The mining jobs QLD have to offer range from underground clean-skins to white collar executives on lucrative FIFO contracts.

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Mining Jobs NSW (New South Wales)

New South Wales

The Hunter Valley in New South Wales (NSW) is well known for its high calibre bed and breakfast establishments and tourist-driven sights, but the area is fast becoming a mining operations hub. Those seeking mining jobs NSW provides will find that the busy oil and gas extraction projects and coal mines in the Hunter Valley area are offering great opportunities in a variety of career pathways.

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Mining Jobs SA (South Australia)

South Australia

South Australia (SA) is quickly asserting itself as a mining hotspot in Australia. The area of Roxby Downs in outback South Australia is well known as the place where many come to find the best mining jobs SA have to offer. Many precious stones such as opals are mined in South Australia, which means many of the most unique mining jobs on offer in Australia exist in South Australia specifically.

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Mining Jobs WA (Western Australia)

Western Australia

The mining activity in the state of Western Australia accounts for almost 90% of the state’s income each year. Western Australia is best known for its petroleum extraction and iron ore mining activity and has, since 2009, employed workers in mining jobs across almost 900 mining operations. Those working in mining jobs WA-based are most likely to be working to extract petroleum, iron ore, gold, nickel and alumina.

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Mining Jobs NT (Northern Territory)

Northern Territory

Known for its beauty, the Northern Territory is also an area rich in minerals and energy and is therefore also the homeland of many major mining operations. Its open cut and underground mines means thousands of mining jobs NT have for the locals and those who travel from other states and countries to take up mining job opportunities on offer. Mining jobs exist to extract minerals such as bauxite, alumina, manganese and iron ore, and zinc in the Northern Territory’s many mining operations.

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Mining Jobs Tasmania


The area of Beaconsfield has long since been on the map as a well-established mining town in the state of Tasmania. The mining industry in Tasmania is so well recognised that publicly listed companies exist to manage the coal mining exports that are drawn from the Beaconsfield area of Tasmania. With its mining industry, mining jobs Tasmania provides have been supporting families for many generations and the natural resource-rich area will continue to be a hub for well-paid mining jobs for many years to come.

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Mining Jobs Victoria


Victoria is the state that has, historically, provided the most people with the most mining jobs since the gold rush era in the 19th century. To this day the mining jobs Victoria have to offer cover mines excavating gold, coal, petroleum and base metals, with geothermal mines also beginning to show promise for the future.

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